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My 1990 CRX Si

Welcome to the CRX and 350Z Webpage!   Basically, I started working on this site to get some practice for a college course and my job.  I am a CRX fan however, so making this site has been a great experience in itself. 

As this site matures (and my webauthoring skills improve), I hope to make it a good source of information concerning one of the best compact cars on the road today. 

I have been driving my 1990 CRX Si since 1992.  It has 205,000 miles on it and is still running strong.  I finally have gotten it repainted (for you longtime visitors) and the pics are now up!  (That's it right there!!!).

I have since sold my old Prelude VTEC, but purchased a Daytona Blue 350Z to take it's place.   Don't worry I still have my trusty CRX. I just put a brand new timing belt and water pump in it, as a matter of fact!  I am shooting for 300,000 miles!



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