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CRX Gallery Images CRX SiR
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front01.jpg (114259 bytes)
Note the hood bulge

frontside.jpg (49319 bytes)
3/4 view of the SiR
rearview.jpg (81653 bytes)
Original SiR Badges
roof.jpg (100491 bytes)
Glass Roof
interior01.jpg (134016 bytes)
Leather trimmed seats
door01.jpg (103956 bytes)
Power mirrors, locks, and windows!
dashcluster.jpg (82143 bytes)
Check out the REDLINE!
center01.jpg (75636 bytes)
Climate Control?
engine.jpg (166839 bytes)

Here are some images from the Japanese CRX SiR.  The Sir has numerous differences with the U.S. Spec Si, most of which you can see in the images above.  It's too bad it was never sold here.  

Pictures taken from SVC Motorworks' SiR
Check them out at:

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